NAV 2009 and Outlook Synch - Webservice Option

mjhigginsmjhiggins Member Posts: 57
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NAV 2009 installed and outlook add in, The setup on the client PC goes ok, using the settings and the webservice option, the test connection works ok, when we click the OK or Apply option, the outlook cient "hangs".

When opening and closing outlook, the client still "hangs", only option is to uninstall the outlook add in to correct the issues.

Any help welcome

Many thanks

PS the "Microsoft Dynamics NAV Outlook Add-in.pdf" is corrupted


  • Rita_PatelRita_Patel Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same issue with Nav 2009 and outlook synchronisation. Error message I am getting when ttrying to start NAS is 'WIndows could not start the Application Server for MS Dynamics Nav service on local computer'. Error 1: Incorrect function.

    The outlook pdf is corrupt.
  • Ian_Piddington10199Ian_Piddington10199 Member Posts: 167
    When you say the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Outlook Add-in.pdf is corrupt are you trying to open it with Adobe. although it has a .pdf extention its not really an adobe pdf doc, from memory its used by the install rouite to display the T&C's or something like that.

    Did you look in the Install help file for the steps to setup outlook Sync?


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