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The NAV2009 RTC suits the needs in an educational setting very well. I work as a lecturer at a university of applied sciences and we're looking for possibilities to install NAV2009 (now we're using 5.0). We like th RTC because a student has to change from role when he is engaged in e.g. the purchasing process: first he has to create a purchase order and in order to receive the items in the warehouse, he has to logout and logon again as a different user. In this way the student experiences the taks/roles he's playing.

But, as mentioned above, a student must be able to access different roles from his windows login. So we're thinking about giving each student a folder with all 21 role center shortcuts (+ maybe 1 for the classic client).

The problem is about the rights needed (and maybe already present). If the student logs in e.g. as purchasing agent he should not be able to post the goods receipt, because he has to login as warehouse worker for that. A purchasing agent can of course go to 'departments' and post the goods receipt, thus avoiding the need of a seperate logoff-logon.

Can anybody of you experts please tell me if there is a relation between roles and rights? And if it would be possible to setup roles and rights in a way that we can achieve our purpose? Please bear in mind that I'm not a technician...

Thank you for thinking along! Best regards, Hans van der Hoeven.


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    I am sure that you appreciate that RTC requires windows logins. Perhaps additional windows logins will ultimately be needed; if so I would like to suggest a smoothing of that process.

    I used to have a piece of software that allowed you easily record "Run As" information for application shortcuts. Using that, though I don't remember its name, would give you the ability to logon to difference roles (and permissions) and completely separate business processes.

    Additionally, perhaps your students would tend to find that when you start using permissions they are often logged in as a user with the wrong permissions, as seems so often to be found with my customers!
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    In this case I will recommend to create Virtual PC where all this will be set (more users, shortcuts on desktop etc.). Something like that already exists, just ask on local Microsoft office, may be they will help you if you are unable to do that yourself.
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