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i have just installed the nav 2009 demo. i am learning about pages but when i go to the nav 2009 classic object designer i dont see any pages. the document keeps referring to certain page objects that come with the demo but i dont see any in the classic object list. am i missing something?


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    are you using a cronus database? If you are using your current db, you need to load the pages from a cronus database or .fbk.
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  • igimanigiigimanigi Member Posts: 10
    I do have the cronus db. infact i have just created another database and did a restore using an fbk file on the nav 2009 cd and still i dont see any page objects when i open nav classic.
    i am still stuck.
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    Yes the standard fbk does not have any page objects, I don't know who decided that but that wasn't a very good decision IMO. i guess it was intended to be a backup for a C/SIDE database only.

    The standard cronus demo database on SQL Server should have them though. What I've done is take a backup of the standard database myself to make sure I have a backup that includes the page objects. The only other way you can create a new standard database is run the msi files to install a new demo database, but as far as I understand, that will overwrite your current database, so I have not played around with that yet.
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    thanks a lot pal. it worked. the standard fbk like you said does not have page objects. i open my sql server 2005 on my local machine and notice that under databases a demo-database had been created during installation. so i opened that instead from sql option of nav and i saw the page objects. thanks a lot.
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    You're welcome, always glad to help :mrgreen:

    Do yourself a favor and create two things for yourself, so you can always easily revert back to standard Cronus values:
    1 - a full backup
    2 - a full object export
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