Printing report direct from RTC crashes client

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I have a database where I have added a number of new reports and modified a few standard reports. If I print any modified report direct from the RTC I get then print dialog and then when I click OK it crashes the RTC with no error message [-X If I preview the report it displays fine. If I then print from the preview I can print the report fine. IN ALL CASES in appears to be reports where I have added link (URL) functionality so you can click on a report item to view the associated card.

Any reports that are unmodified or do not have any advanced functioanlity (ie link/dynamics sorts) do not have this behaviour and can be printed directly.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour (or better still know of any solutions [-o< )


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    This seems to be a bug, I'm working offline with AntHillMob to get resolution for this.

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