Analysis by Dimension Vs COA

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Dear All,

I tried to create a report using analysis by dimension and then I try to compare the amount of one account in my report for. e.g Sales Account and the amount of that account in the COA.

There are huge difference between them. Is there any idea why can I get these difference?

I think the value from my report and value in COA comes from the same table which is G/L entry.

Thanks for any advice.



  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    Look at the COA entries, many will not have dimensions. Otherwise your analysis report is not picking up all of the data in the COA you are looking at. Drill into the data and manually compare it and you will see quickly the issue.
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  • amphysvenaamphysvena Member Posts: 113
    Try to update the Analysis View.
    Go to Analysis View, & click the update. And don't forget to click OK.
    Hope it helps. Thanks
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