CompressionThreshold Compression Threshold

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Specifies a threshold, in terms of memory
consumption, at which the NAV Server begins
compressing data sets.
Default: 65535.

...this is explanation in MOC manual...but i think i have not understood this very well...
does this mean that the data (e.g.: xml files used for pages etc.) will be compressed (something like zipped) when above 65535(KB?)?
can this feature generate performance overhead if the threshold is overcame?

p.s.: you can find this parameter in CustomSettings file
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  • Tom_CorneliusTom_Cornelius Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 18
    That's correct - this applies to file transfer, reports, and datasets, etc. If above the threshold, the NST will use data compression to avoid the possibility of the client starving the server with long connection times. Of course, with larger datasets this will affect the performance of the server as more CPU cycles are spent compressing the data.

    BTW; the config file units are in KB, and the default value is 64, I believe.
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  • BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    you're the moc is wrong...default value it's not 65535 (i think this is the maxvalue), but 64.
    thanks for the exhaustive reply
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