Mobile Warehouse for Navision!

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I just read about a mobile warehouse solution. It works with mobile barcode scanners and sound good. Here is the link to the german "Computerwoche":

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  • Dave_beDave_be Member Posts: 35
    Microsoft is also planning on releasing a mobile Warehouse application on the Dynamics Mobile platform.
    More info:
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    The link above is not correct. Try this one :)
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    I am very interested in this product as we are considering third party development to implement a warehouse stock system

    I would like to know if Mobile Warehouse for Dynamics2009 is available yet, if so where can it be downloaded from

    If not will a v5 install talk to a Dynamics2009 install via data connectivity

    I am also slightly confused are BR ag developing their own product and Microsoft are developing another or are Microsoft marketing BRag's as their own

    Am I right in thinking that there are two separate products, could this forum be split into two if that is the case:

    Mobile Warehouse for Navision (BRag/MS)
    Mobile Sales for Navision (MS)


  • Peter_ListPeter_List Member Posts: 21
    The Tasklet Factory have developed a warehouse solution for NAV 2009 that is based on Dynamics Mobile.
    You can find more information on our website:
    Peter List
    Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Consultant
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    Hello Green,

    as far as i'm informed MS is not working on a mobile warehouse solution. The mobile sales solution is a kind of reference application created by microsoft. The @NAV Mobile Warehouse is a Third-Party product and is issued via partner channel. Have closer look if you want to

    If there are any questions left. Don't hesitate to come back to me.

    best regards bernd
  • jgudmundssonjgudmundsson Member Posts: 13
    Anglia Business Solutions from UK has a nice mobile warehouse solution as well. They have posted some recent success stories.
    iNECTA LLC (a Dynamics NAV Implementation Partner)
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    Microsoft are creating two new solutions that will go with Mobile Sales.
    Below is the link describing Mobile Warehouse and Mobile Service.

    It stated it will be released First Half of 2009 which is about now.

    Can some partners chime in on this??
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    Forgive me for the lateness of my reply, but I found this thread while searching for Point of Sale/Inventory programs. Don't blame me -- blame Yahoo! ;)

    The company I work for (a small used cell-phone warehouse in Queens) is looking to really organize their inventory as well as make the process of order fulfillment (receiving order, marking inventory, shipping) far easier. Does anyone know if Microsoft is actually making a "mobile warehouse" application? If so, I'd love to hear more about it! Either way, I'm glad to be here amongst other retailers and wholesale experts. Take care, folks and thanks again! =)
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