Creation of Contact from Customer

SujaSuja Member Posts: 46
Hi All
I am creating a Customer first, from there I need to generate a Contact of Type - Person. But whenever I try it's creating as Type - Company. When I try to change the Contact - Type to Person, it says I have Business relation exists for the Contact.

Whenever I try to insert new record in customer, a record is inserted automatically inside the - Contact Business Relation table - which is stopping me to create the Contact as Person...How to solve this
Pls help


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    ritesh.singhritesh.singh Member Posts: 123
    This is the default functionality it will create customer as a company..
    Once the contact is created you can not change it.

    You can check the codeunit 5056.. (If you know the technical part).
    Ritesh K Singh
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    SujaSuja Member Posts: 46
    Hi Ritesh
    Thanks for the reply. Is there any way I can bypass the default checking and can insert CONTACT as Type - PESRON. Is there a lot of functionalities affected if i try to change coding....Is this recommendable
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Consider using the system as it works, without modifying it. From the Customer, create the company type contact, and from that contact you can create person type contacts that are related to the company contact. This is all part of standard NAV, and needs no modification. If you need a way to create a person type contact right from the customer card, try to add functionality that adds that person type contact as a related contact to the company contact that is related to the customer, if that makes sense :mrgreen:
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    i4tosti4tost Member Posts: 208
    When you create Custome, NAV will create Contact as Company. And this is perfect.
    If then you write name and surname in Contact field within customer card - NAV will create Contact as Person and will relate to conact as company.
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    CobaltSSCobaltSS Member Posts: 137
    Hi all,

    I'm working on a 3.70 database, and the functionality described in the last post doesn't match what I'm experiencing. Can I get a step by step? Because there's no way it should be this complicated to put contact info onto a Customer Card.

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