business benefits of MS CRM 4.0?

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I want to know about the business benefits of MS CRM 4.0.

Whenever a demo is given to client..there obvious question will be "What ROI will I get by using MS CRM 4.0?"

I have tried n searched about it but not able to get a convincing answer for this.

Can anybody help me to know the convincing answer of the above question?

Neha Marwaha


  • Krishna1695Krishna1695 Member Posts: 2
    I didnt get what you exactly meant by ROI.
    May be Resource Optimization Initiative.I'm not sure.
  • viralviral Member Posts: 23

    are u talking about Returen Of Investment?
    well basically crm helps to manage ur customers easily.
    Customers ordres, meetings, current status of orders. it also integrates with out look. leads and oppirtunites and all.
    like some have problem with some product so u can maintain that. to whom u assigned that work what is status of that.

    u visit alos visit sugarcrm u will also get better idea.

    Viral Rami
  • Neha_MarwahaNeha_Marwaha Member Posts: 31
    Thanx for your reply.:)

    But how can you differentiate MS CRM with other CRM products..

    why client will invest on MS CRM if other products also have almost same functionality?

    Neha Marwaha
  • viralviral Member Posts: 23

    i like your question. because everyone needs ROI.this is main question why and how ur product is better than others?when they have same functionality with other products. there are some basic criteria from which u can evaluate MS CRM with others.

    1. leads management
    2. opportunity Management
    3. Phone and Email mgmt
    4. Marketing Campaingns management
    5. web portal and other things.
    6. case management.
    7. Dashboard.

    above are basic facilities required for CRM.

    i remember one case where one client want such system like which handles all queries of customers. they also want if customer applied for some product info, or some problem whether their query solved. and to generate new campaingns. that time i offered them CRM. and when u are in india this question of ROI always come.

    might u have visited sugarcrm demo. and got idea about crm in details.
    i have developed one site where we compare ERPs with features. u can also share ur knowledge there. visit
    u will get better idea. this site is just started now. lots of improvement are required.

    i hope this info. will b useful to u.

    viral rami
    Viral Rami
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