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Here i am again with a new strange Navision problem.

Hope you guys can help me with thisone.

For some strange reason one of our users who has NAV 2009 client/server installed, needs to make a VPN-connection to our firm before he can access RTC. This is probably network related, but not entirely sure as he didn't had the problem before.

Normally when a user has no network at all and uses his NAV RTC he can still open RTC without any input of netwerkconnections. The user is cached inside the portable/pc so it shouldn't give any problem. But for some reason this user always needs to have a VPN-connection open to our site before he can open his RTC client.

Both SQL instance as Dynamics Service run under the NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE account.

So i just posted this here cause I wouldn't know where else I could post such an issue. Well i would be glad to receive any help on thisone.

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    I have seen a problem once - where a user was told that his password was about to expire and when he ignored that message the cached authentication didn't work anymore. (people probably think I am smoking something now:-))
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