Expandit Client Control and Terminal Services

rsfairbanksrsfairbanks Member Posts: 107
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Can anyone let me know if the expandit client control can manage having different idle times for users on terminal services (where they are using the same file to run navision). The trial version counts down fine for individual users, but obviously you cannot specify times.

If not is there a way around this or alternatives available?



  • AfonsoAfonso Member Posts: 27
    Terminal services can control the time each user is loged on the application, if the user doesn't use the application during a defined number of minutes, the Terminal Services will log off that user, and so there is one more Session free to be used.

  • rsfairbanksrsfairbanks Member Posts: 107

    We'll try and use it this way, we had a problem doing this with another product - will let you know what happens.

  • sbraninsbranin Member Posts: 18
    The expandit client control ecc.ini does not have to be located with the ecc.exe file. It is just located there by default. If you want a unique ecc.ini per Windows user then you just need to put:

    %userprofile% in the Start In: field in the shortcut properties.

    This is covered in the help documentation that comes with the program.

    hope this helps
  • rsfairbanksrsfairbanks Member Posts: 107
    Thanks for this but we went with Auto Close Idle. It works very well for us and the support and service has been excellent.
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