Accounts are summed together when posting purchase invoice

joh_verjoh_ver Member Posts: 31

Hope you can help me: In version 3.70 I have the following situation.
Purchase lines created:

Type No. Quantity Direct Unit Cost Excl. VAT
G/L Account 2085 1 100
G/L Account 2085 1 10
G/L Account 4420 1 100
G/L Account 4420 1 10

I use no dimensions. After posting the following G/L entries have been made:

G/L Account No. Gen. Bus. PG Gen. Prod. PG Amount
1518 27,5
1601 -247,5

So all lines have been summed up in account 2085. This account is NOT used in any posting setup (Vendor, General, VAT, ..).
I checked the setup of the G/L accounts, they seemed right.

Has anyone an idea wether this is a bug or a setup not right ?


  • RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    Lines are grouped for G/L entries.
    Check Primary Key of T49:
    Type,G/L Account,Gen. Bus. Posting Group,Gen. Prod. Posting Group,VAT Bus. Posting Group,VAT Prod. Posting Group,Tax Area Code,Tax Group Code,Tax Liable,Use Tax,Dimension Entry No.,Job No.,Fixed Asset Line No.
    These are the fields that are used to ditinguish if the lines will be grouped or not...
  • albertoalberto Member Posts: 58
    In G/L setup did you flag "Summarize G/L Entries" ?
  • joh_verjoh_ver Member Posts: 31
    Thanks for your input. It appeared to be the PK of Table 49 was changed (?) during the migration from 3.10 to 3.70

    So, it's working now.

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