3-tier Installation & Domain Functional Level Delegation

Fred_CITFred_CIT Member Posts: 16
edited 2009-01-28 in NAV Three Tier
I try to install a 3-tier environment. In order to make this work, the NAV documentation states the Domain Functional Level of the domain in the Active Directory should be raised to 'Windows Server 2003'.

Since it is not possible to raise this level because of Windows 2000 machines still log on to this domain, I wonder if it should be possible to keep the domain at 'Windows 2000 native'. And just set 'Trust computer for delegation' for the Server machine and set 'Account is trusted for delegation' for the user account running the service.

Is there anyone who succeeded to keep the Domain Functional Level at 'Windows 2000 native' in a working 3-tier installation?


  • tomguantomguan Member Posts: 14
    Hi Fred_CIT,

    I did get that work under domain functional level Windows 2000 native. And I could only use domain account. If I used NETWORK SERVICE account, once I started NAV2009 RTC client, it will crush the service.
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