You last visited on... is set to current datetime

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Usually I use View posts since last visit link to see what's new since last visit. This is (probably) related to You last visited on....

But after a while of browsing the forum (usually if I'm away from computer, but browser stays open) this last visit date is set to current datetime. And all topics are marked as not new. :(

How can be this disabled/changed. I believe it is related to web session. Is it idle for to long ? What is the idle time ? Can this idle time be longer ? Or even unlimited - session is ended when browser is closed ?


  • RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    OK. There are options to show topics/posts for recent periods, but:
    1. not possible all forums wide (cannot be found on Forum Index site)

    2. when selecting one forum, you can choose only Display topics from previous:. Unfortunately that includes only the topics that started in that period, the datetime of answers is not considered.

    3. only after selecting a topic you can filter by Display posts from previous:, but that is kind of too late, since you have to browse to the end - you already see all answers (ok, not, if on more pages) ?

    Can Display posts from previous be added for entire index forum or at least after selecting a forum instead of topics ?
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    I'll have to search on the pbpBB support site, if there is a MOD for this. If it is available, I certainly can apply this mod to this forum.
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