Internal Error 33 in module 35

duffmohduffmoh Member Posts: 20
I got this error message when i was trying to CREATE an automation object. "Internal Error 33 in module 35" What does this mean?


  • SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    35 33 #Err_OCX_IDispatch (Module_OCX, 33)
  • JanVJanV Member Posts: 34
    As far as I know, this message appears when the server-reply doesn't reach the client soon enough, at least that's how it was explained to me.
  • vasukirajagopalvasukirajagopal Member Posts: 3
    this corresponds to 35 33 #Err_OCX_IDispatch (Module_OCX, 33)
    error, which happens when there is delay in receiving the packets(replay) from client. Reinstal the client.
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  • duffmohduffmoh Member Posts: 20
    Hi all,

    I was actually tring to start an Automation.
    I created a Automation variable namely : Autom
    In the codings, I wrote :


    When I tried to run the codes, the error message prompt out.
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