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hereamihereami Member Posts: 20
Hi All,

I have a question...

Is it possible to run Navision with command line parameters to open a specified Database and Company WITH a specified User ID and PASSWORD.

I don't mind of security issues related with this approach...

I would like to make a BIG batch file to start Navision sequentially three times with three different User ID and Password.





  • madmatmedmadmatmed Member Posts: 12
    I have two possibilities how you could find a way that works:

    1. Select a Form within Navision and press File->Send->Shortcut to desktop. A link on your desktop will appear. Analyze it.

    2. Use cfront.ocx. With a programming language like Borland Delphi, C++, C#, Basic,..... you could create a reference to the cfront.ocx and start the application.
  • eperezeperez Member Posts: 8
    you can use Automate Task Builder. you can download a trial version of Automate from website
  • MrDeeMrDee Member Posts: 48
    A Desktop shortcut can contain a connection string

    "C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client37\finsql.exe" ntauthentication=yes, servername=AKLSWS100, database=MYDEV, company=MYDEV

    this will open MY instance of finsql (note the quotes around this - without quotes DOS will try to run C:\Program with parameter of Files\...)
    You will need to change this to point to YOUR version of Navision

    Anyway change the servername, database, company param to suit your needs.

    I assume you are not going to use ntauthentication (or else you would need to log out of Windows for each test).

    I will test this without ntauth - more to follow..
  • MrDeeMrDee Member Posts: 48
    does anyone have the 'Installation & system management' manual - there is a section about these command line switches (according to an error message I get when I try stuff)
  • Ian_piddigntonIan_piddignton Member Posts: 92
    The ISM manual is on the product CD and I am sure there is a breakdown of the switch's and what they do.

  • MrDeeMrDee Member Posts: 48
    found it - thanks (really bad naming convention...)
    does not shed much light - I will continue later.
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