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I'm trying to get to grips with the RTC but don't seem to be able to get menusuites to work.

1. In the classic client I create a new menusite (1090 Dept-Company) for the Role Tailored Client.
2. I add in a couple of menu items (Pages) under 'Sales & Marketing'/'Order Processing' and categorise them as 'Tasks'.
3. I also add a new menu with a couple of items of its own from pages I've already transformed.
4. I save and compile the new object and run the Role Tailored Client.

None of my menu options are available under 'Departments'/'Sales & Marketing'/'Order Processing' and there's no sign of my new menu either.

Obviously I'm missing something here, can anyone help?



  • munib00munib00 Member Posts: 29
    Couple of things to consider.
    For the dept menu to take affect. You have to restart the client.

    Another obvious thing but check. The language. If the page name is in US and you are working with UK. Then it wont show anything. It will be blank.
  • NickANickA Member Posts: 32
    Thanks for the response :)

    I restarted the client, no effect. I expected to have to restart the client anyway!

    Language was a good idea though and I checked: Native client is UK English, RTC is UK English and my userid is UK English - and all labels are in UK English. Setting up some US English labels and switching things around didn't seem to help either.
  • NickANickA Member Posts: 32
    DOH! The 'obvious' thing I missed was logging into the wrong NAV2009 database with my classic client this morning. Everybody ignore me, it works perfectly well!

    /smacks self on head
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,294
    There's a difference between menusuite for the Classic Client and for the Role Tailored Client. When you create a new menusuite, you will see the dropdown box at the top to define what the menusuite is for. In my US database it appears that the numbering scheme is the same for regular menusuites and for RTC departments it adds 1000 to the number. So the regular partner menusuite is number 80 (called 'Partner'), and the RTC department is number 1080 (called 'Dept - Partner').
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