What is "Processing Objects" step doing on object import??

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Don't know if anyone has encountered this, but when you import objects in FOB (not sure on other formats) after the standard import dialog the client shows another dialog box titled "Processing Objects". It proceeds to then go through each object that you imported, sometimes slowly I might add.

You can easily see this if you import a large set of objects.

It seems to "process" all object types.

1. Any idea what the system is doing here? It does this whether I have to RTC installed or not.

2. I've encountrered errors during this stage that say "## of ## objects have encountered compile errors" yet all of the objects still show as compiled and run perfectly fine. Any idea what these errors could be? There is no indication by the system what they might be.


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    If the database hav set value "Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server", after import all objects are compiled automatically...
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