help nav 50 introduction exam

BlackcatBlackcat Member Posts: 28
Hi everyone
recently i had my nav 50 introduction exam and failed. .. :cry:
i hope anyone of you could help me with some questions ....

i remember one question they've asked in which table the most ca/l code within a trigger is....
a) master
b) journal
i dont remeber the other ones ...

hope someone could help me ...


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    ritesh.singhritesh.singh Member Posts: 123
    I think b) Journal
    Ritesh K Singh
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    tbkkltbkkl Member Posts: 6
    Hey there! Just passed the exam *yeaha*

    But i have a question: is it actually possible to get 100% ? I'm more or less 100% sure that i have everything correct. Stupid thing is they don#t tell you whats wrong. But it seams to be that i have 90% in Dataports and XML Ports rest 100% .... so this is a little bit strang. 2 other guys with me also have the same picture on the paper....99% overall and 90 in the dataport xmlsection ....

    Anyone holding the proof that i have made something wrong and passed with 100% ?

    and the answer is indead Journal Tables
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