Bank Reconciliation

Cindy_ThomasCindy_Thomas Member Posts: 2
Customer complaint re: AP Check reversal or void in Navision 3.6 and in 3.7. Check was written in March, and reversed in June. March bank rec had not been done yet, and the check (which WAS open at 3/31) is no longer open - bank rec won't balance. When reversing a check, you can enter an effective date. Whether you enter March or June, the same thing happens. A journal entry can be posted to March and reversed in June, but this is really not an approved accounting practice. Has anyone else run into this problem? And what have you done to resolve it?


  • lakshmivallurulakshmivalluru Member Posts: 168

    I dont know the approved accounting practice but if the Bank Rec is not done and a cheque is voided, i prefer to recalculate the bank rec statement.
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