What training works for Navison Newbies?

MrDeeMrDee Member Posts: 48
When a new developer starts in your company - what training do you find works to get them up to speed?

:?: Can you suggest any web sites / publications / courses that work well?

:?: Would you suggest different recources for
:arrow: Fresh Graduates
:arrow: VB developers
:arrow: COBOL developers
:arrow: accountants...



  • lakshmivallurulakshmivalluru Member Posts: 168
    Because navision is an account package, i always suggest to go through the functional part of the package. Reason being Developer needs to if he changes point 1 what others in the system will effect. Reason being an accountant can refresh and come to a conclusion yes i know what this account package does. then as you asked for a Developer i would follow the following:

    1. DBMS concepts
    2. Client / Server architechture
    3. Then goto throught C/SIDE
    4. Finally the C/AL programming

    But at the end everyone has got their own way of learning things.

    Understand first and then learn.

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