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I try the WS sample of NAV2009 in the Virtual machine using its Visual Studio 2008 version

There is a compilation issue
Could someone help me with this problem

The C# line where the issue occurs :
DemoCU ws = new DemoCU();

Error message in VStudio
The Type or namespace name "DemoCU" could not be fround ( are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference ?

What is missing in VS2008 ?


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    LouisLouis Member Posts: 78
    "DemoCU could not be found"

    I can see DemoCU_Port + DemoCU_PortChannel + DemoCU_PortClient
    but not the DemoCU class. It is not visible in VStudio. What is missing (directive, assembly, "whatelse" ) ?

    My question is
    HOWTO => Create a new instance of the service.

    In IE, I have checked the published service name
    contractRef ref="http://nav-srv-01:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/CRONUS_International_Ltd/Codeunit/DemoCU"
    It's ok.
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    freddy.dkfreddy.dk Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 360
    It sounds like the reference added is a Service reference instead of a web reference.
    When you add the service you can select Advanced (I think) and add a Web reference instead.

    The programming needed to use the webservice is different based on service or web reference.

    (note - I haven't seen the sample mentioned...)
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    LouisLouis Member Posts: 78
    Thank you Freddy that was my problem - now it works.
    FYI The sample is located in NAV2009 Developer Help - Creating and Consuming a Codeunit Web Service
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