Jump to a Fieldname in tabledesign

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I'm sure, everybody knows this "feature" (i know it since 6 years) but i doesn't found it here
(or i've used the Search function incorrect with wrong keywords) ..... ](*,)

if you are in the table design (for example table 18), the courser is in column "Field Name", and you press "Shift + Arrow up / Arrow down" the line is blue marked.
Now, Shift is still used, with pressing for example the "S" button, you jump to the next Field that begins with an "S".
So you can jump direktly to the field and you must not scroll, for example to field "Shipping Agent Service Code".

The same you can do with functions, but here without the SHIFT. So if you set the courser in a function name (grey line), and press then, for example a "L", you jumpt to the first function that begin with "L", and so on ....

Do you make it right, it works too!


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