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I'm using Nav 6 (2009) for the first time.
When I try to save any object (table, form, page ...) I get this warning message :

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
You do not have permission to create the 'XXX' table.

Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.


Isn't it possible to practice the exemples shown in the WebServiceNavi2009.pdf document ?
I've tried to change the licence but i've got the error :
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
Your upgrade program for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic has expired.

Contact your Microsoft Business Solutions Partner for assistance.


p.s. : I've no special licence for NAV 2009, I thaught the Cronus license will fit.

Thank you.
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    No, with the cronus license you can't do anything. For 2009 you will need an own license.
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    Can anyone help me in a licencing problem?
    I should have to create a filter on a Sales Invoice, and I need to create a FlowField in the Sales Line table. We have a licence with Solution Developer granule. I don't know what numbers i can use for the new field. I read a document on it a few years ago, but i can't remember it. Does anybody have a document on the the table field numbering?
    It would be a great help for me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    the field range has not changed. it still is in 50000 range.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
    Independent Consultant/Developer

  • atis123atis123 Member Posts: 8
    Thx again:).
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