Due Date field in Customer Ledger Entry

spycraftspycraft Member Posts: 66

Pardon me if someone else have ask/mention the following before:

I've made an observation recently that the Due Date field in Cust. Ledger Entry is editable when you pressed F2 key. I've tried to look at the properties of the field in Cust. Ledger Entry table and form for the codings that made this possible but to no avail. Due Date field behaves in a unique way and I love to to find out how to achieve it.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Not forgetting, this works for versions 3.10 and above..



  • MartinRMartinR Member Posts: 2

    Have a look at the property "InlineEditing" of the Tablebox.
    When this is set to "Yes" you have to press "F2" to edit the fields.
  • spycraftspycraft Member Posts: 66
    hey.. i missed the properties of the tablebox...

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