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Now this is a strange one. I have a form that is a list with several fields that are flowfields. The flowfilter for these fields will always need to be set so I have a textbox where the filter can be entered with a nice look-up and validation to set-it. All works well in the classic client. If I transform this form to the RTC the flowfilter only applies to the current selected record not all records #-o Not only that if I move off the record it clears the filter textbox but reinstates the value in it if I then move back onto the reord I set the filter on :?

This appears to be a fundamental change in functionality that I can't see is realted to the GUI changes. If I use the 'Limit totals to' function all behaves fine.

First question is is there a way around this? Failing this is there any way to get the form to show the 'Limit totals to' filters be default to prompt the user to enter the filter?


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    AntHillMobAntHillMob Member Posts: 79
    Solved it.

    Needed to implicitly call CurrPage.Update(False) after setting the filter in code and then all appears to work fine. This appears to have got lost in the changes made by the form translation tool due to the changes to remove the OnAfterValidateTrigger. I can understand the page not refeshing without this but still seems strange that the flowfilter was only maintained against the orginal record.
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