Aged Accounts Receivable report

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edited 2004-06-17 in Navision DOS
Has anyone else experienced any funnies in this report in 3.7?

If we post a Sales invoice, part pay it, then run this report and specifying "Print Details" on the options tab, we notice that the original amount shows the transaction balance for the part paid invoice, and the balance shows the original amount. When viewed from elsewhere, the postings appear to be correct.

Interestingly enough, if I go into the report designer section view and look at the source expression for these two fields, they do appear to be the wrong way around i.e. Original amount is sourced from "Remaining amount" and balance from "Amount (LCY)".



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    version 3.7 is not Navision DOS.
    IF User.Loves('Edo') THEN ok() ELSE currReport.genSkip;
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