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I have been trying to get the help files working for NAV2009. But for some reason it doesn't work. If I use the help files for the classic client it works fine.

It looks like the RTC doesn't use the .hh files anymore.

Does anybody know if there is a modification needed for NAV2009?


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    The .HH files are still used but are installed on the NAV Server, within a language folder.

    The RTC builds a help context based on page type, page ID, table ID and control ID etc. This is sent to the NAV Server, which resolves it to a help topic string and it is looked up in the .HH files (or more specifically a binary tree built from the .HH files). The CHM reference is then returned to the RTC and it opens the CHM with that reference, in the correct language folder on the client - i.e. the CHM files are installed with the RTC.

    The RTC command line parameter -SHOWHELPID is used to show the context, topic and CHM reference.
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  • guidorobbenguidorobben Member Posts: 157
    Thank you for the help. I works!

    Good to know about the -SHOWHELPID
  • Paul_Chapman_[MSFT]Paul_Chapman_[MSFT] Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 13
    Note as well that when updating the .HH files for the RoleTailored client, you must restart the NAV Server service.

    1. From the Start menu, click Run.
    2. In the Open box or the Search box type services.msc.
    3. Under Services, right-click Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, and click Restart.
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    BTW: Is there an OnlineHelp Toolkit already available for download? if so, where? i couldn't find sth in partnersource...
  • Paul_Chapman_[MSFT]Paul_Chapman_[MSFT] Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 13
    The NAV 2009 Help Toolkit is not yet available. Current release plan is to make it available, along with all of the source files for the NAV 2009 Help at the end of January.

    We'll post something on the NAV Team Blog ( and the NAV DevCenter on MSDN ( when we've released these.
  • Paul_Chapman_[MSFT]Paul_Chapman_[MSFT] Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 13
    FYI, we've now released the NAV 2009 Help Toolkit. See the NAV Team blog ( for links to the toolkit.
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