NAV 2009 Developer and IT Pro Docu (MSDN)

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I doesn't found this link here, so i will post it.
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    Please tell me we're going to get manuals for 2009 and not just page by page help!
    Dave Cintron
    Dynamics West
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    The last time I've seen actual manuals was the big blue box back on 2.01 I think it was, maybe 2.5. I would not hold my breath for manuals now if I were you.

    Take a look at the new chm files though, they really are a very good reference.
  • Dave_CintronDave_Cintron Member Posts: 189
    I'm not talking about user manuals. I am well aware of the disappearance of the blue Navision manuals. I'm talking about the PDF files that have come with every version for Installation, Programming, SQL, NAS, ODBC, etc. Are we not going to get PDF files anymore? Am I going to have to flip through 1824 separate help pages to cover the 5 or 6 manuals I would otherwise read? Or are we now going to be charged for these manuals like users? Can anyone provide a useful answer to these questions?
    Dave Cintron
    Dynamics West
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    Hi Dave – I can answer your question. We are not going to charge for this Help documentation. All of the content is provided for free through the Microsoft Download Center and in the MSDN Library. But, the format of the content has changed in some cases and so let me explain what’s going on there.

    For NAV 2009, we did not update the NAV 5.0 manuals (.pdf files) that you’re familiar with. I’m referring to manuals like w1w1adg.pdf. The latest version of these manuals are the 5.0 manuals available here: ... laylang=en. For components that did not change in NAV 2009 (e.g., NAS, ADCS) these manuals are still the references you should use.

    Developer and ITPro scenarios that did change with NAV 2009 have been moved into .chm files to enable publishing this content to the MSDN Library. Here’s a guide to where that content is.

    • For NAV 2009 developer content, including the C/SIDE reference and w1w1adg.pdf, see CSIDE.chm at
    • For NAV 2009 installation and configuration content, see NAV_INSTALL.chm at

    We’ve updated these .chm files since we shipped NAV 2009 to include additional content. You can get the updated files at We’ve also posted the updated content to the MSDN library at We will continue to update this content quarterly in both locations with the next update planned for March 2009.

    The plusses with this approach are:

    • You can now find NAV content using any search engine. We’ve had a lot of complaints from people that they can’t find content on partner source and that the hundred+ page manuals are difficult to use.
    • The developer/ITPro content can now be accessed directly from NAV through the Help, C/SIDE Reference menu.
    • You can easily provide feedback/request changes on individual topics.

    The minus with this approach is that sometimes people want to use printed manuals and printing a .chm file can be difficult. We’re looking at ways to convert .chm to .pdf to enable people to choose the experience they want.

    Like the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product itself, the documentation is going through a transition. There's a tremendous backlog of old information that has been building up through many releases. But one of the major goals of the new RoleTailored architecture is to simplify and streamline working with Dynamics NAV, and the old document set had just become too massive and unwieldy to update effectively. If there is specific material that you want to see replicated in the new documentation, please let me know and we will try to add it. You can reach me directly at [email protected] (remove the nospam).
    Elona Tuomi
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer and ITPro Documentation Team
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    Holy cow they got rid of the Doc folder ](*,) ](*,)

    Sorry Dave, I misunderstood, I didn't realize that was what you were talking about.
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