KimKim Member Posts: 85
Hi guyz
Has anyone ever tried to integrate any version of Navision with Weighbridge??
I would like to capture the weighbridge readings directly from the weighbridge into
Navision for any Receipt of Raw Materials/Returns and also Shipments. I wouldn't mind if anyone has
used a third party component to capture the readings.




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    ta5ta5 Member Posts: 1,164
    Hi Kim
    First you can check with the manufacturer of the device whether a DLL for integration is available. You also have to decide how the process is, e.g. should the data be captured directly into a navision field (journal line, etc) or will it be a textfile with afterwards is imported?

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    ashbhardwajashbhardwaj Member Posts: 89
    I have done integration for weighbridge with navision.
    what we have done is that weighbridge generate Text file in the system & we read that file each time & refresh it using dataport & put in navision table.

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    mariusswmariussw Member Posts: 52
    First investigate the communication interafces available for the bridge. E.g. TCP/IP, serial etc. I have interfaced successfully to a serial interface card reader in NAV trough Windows com components in the past.

    You will have to have a manual of the commands / responses that can be sent to and from the interface.

    If it is TCP/IP you most likely can simulate the transacts by using telnet in Windows using: telnet address port. where port is the TCP port the interface is listening on. You will get it from the manual. This will give you a feel of what to do in code.

    I separately sent you the email address of a colleage that is going live with a weighbridge interface in NAV comming Monday as well.

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    omiomi Member Posts: 6
    Guys I'm currently trying to read the weights from the weighbridge into Navision 2009 Classic.
    Currently the client is using a third party software.
    I'm confused as to how to read the weights from the weighbridge to the system.
    I would prefer to have a text file generated from which I could read into NAV but I'm unable to go forward.
    Kindly help.
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