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roshiniroshini Member Posts: 122
Hi Nav Experts!

I modified standard AR Aging report (Report ID 109)as per customer requirement, I couldn't able to retrive data from Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry for details Invoice wise. In standard AR Detail report is also available that logic is different, I want to use Report ID 109 logic and want to get detail invoice wise.

I tried but I am able to get single record. but reqired detail wise.

My format is as follows :

Term | Due Date | Document No.|External Doc No. |Posting Dt | Remaining Amt | Remaining Amt.(LCY)

Customer : 1001 ABCDE
Tel: 999-9999

61-90D |08/10/31|ASI000Z | AER0000S |08/06/05 | 7,000 | 7,000

Over Due

less 30D |08/07/31|ASI000Z | AER0000S | 08/03/15 | 25,000 | 25,000
91-120D |08/04/31|ASI000Z | AER0000S |08/02/04 |700,000 |700,000

Can any Expert suggest me how to get the details as showen.


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    kokyas963kokyas963 Member Posts: 16
    Hi roshini,
    did you have any answer for you request? I have the same need.
    thanks in advance.
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