Adding text boxes to the top of list Page in 2009 for filter

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I've added to the top of list forms an example text box so that the user can filter on default fields.

We have clients that want to filter on several fields and they need to be available on top of the list.
The current 2009 Page filtering is not sufficient.

I've modified the page and added the group and the field for filtering. when the page list (item list) is run it shows the field and I can based on code on validate.
But there are a couple of issues.

First, the list form opens in the middle of the page, and I have to move it up.
Second, when I close and open the form it doesn't remember the settings.
Third when Item list opens from main menu, it doesn't show the field at all.

I've attached screenshots.

How can I accomplish this? thanks.


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    May be that problem is PageType you are using... There are differences between List, ListPart, Worksheet and ListPlus. Each is working differently as separate Window or as Part of the HomePage etc. Try to change the PageType...
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    freddy.dkfreddy.dk Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 360
    I am afraid that no page type will do the trick for you - at least not if opening the list embedded in the Client.
    You might be able to make something work with Worksheet page type if opening the list as a task page (kind of like Edit Journal - has a control up there)

    May I ask why the current page filtering is insufficient (I would like us to know that when looking at how to improve that in the future)
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    genericgeneric Member Posts: 511
    worksheet works, but you then loose the generic filters. but it is a workaround.
    The customer has about 50K items, and 50K customers, They have 4 to 5 fields they filter everyday and they are fields on top. Adding these filters on Item List will make the list useless. Take a look at the screenshot.
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    langlang Member Posts: 27
    The current filter functionality also means that it takes much longer to filter on up to five fields or more. for future it would be great to get the field filter handling also in RTC. just put the cursor into the field, push F7 (or any other shortcut) and enter the filter string, this is really lost in RTC.
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