Access to adminstration of NAV 2009 server

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I'm trying to install Nav 2009.
On my Windows 2008 + SQL 2005 Server, i've installed Nav 2009 Server + demo Database
On my WinXP Client, I've installed the client.

But where could i find the admin interface of the server?

My configuration file is :
  <TargetPath>[WIX_ProgramFilesFolder]\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60</TargetPath> 
  <Component Id="OutlookAddIn" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CFrontSDK" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="SDK_CommunicationComponents" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="SDK_CC_Runtime" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="SDK_CC_Source" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="SDK_CFRONT" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="SDK_CFRONT_Net" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="ClassicODBC" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="ClassicDatabaseServer" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="ClassicApplicationServer" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="NAS_OutlookIntegration" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="NAS_EmployeePortal" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CommerceGatewayServer" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CommerceGatewayBroker" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="AutomatedDataCaptureSystem" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="ClassicClient" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CSIDE_GanttServer" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CSIDE_EmployeePortal" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CSIDE_BusinessNotificationManager" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CSIDE_CommerceIntegration" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CSIDE_OutlookIntegration" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CSIDE_BackupOfDemoDatabase" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CSIDE_DemoDatabase" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="CSIDE_HelpFiles" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="SQLServerDatabase" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="SQLDemoDatabase" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="ServiceTier" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="STOutlookIntegration" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="RoleTailoredClient" State="Absent" /> 
  <Component Id="MSXML6PreRequisite" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="VisualJPreRequisite" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="SQLServerPreRequisite" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="ReportViewerPreRequisite" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="DotNet35PreRequisite" State="Local" /> 
  <Component Id="DotNet20PreRequisite" State="Local" /> 
  <Parameter Id="ServerIp" Value="" /> 
  <Parameter Id="TCPPort" Value="11322" /> 
  <Parameter Id="ClassicDbServiceName" Value="[WIX_ComputerName]" /> 
  <Parameter Id="ClassicDbNetworkType" Value="tcps" /> 
  <Parameter Id="ClassicDbCacheSize" Value="10000" /> 
  <Parameter Id="ClassicDbempCache" Value="0" /> 
  <Parameter Id="NasServiceName" Value="[WIX_ComputerName]-CLASSIC" /> 
  <Parameter Id="NasServiceNameSql" Value="[WIX_ComputerName]-SQL" /> 
  <Parameter Id="NavServiceServerName" Value="localhost" /> 
  <Parameter Id="NavServiceServerPort" Value="7046" /> 
  <Parameter Id="SQLServer" Value="" /> 
  <Parameter Id="SQLDatabaseName" Value="" /> 
  <Parameter Id="WebServiceServerPort" Value="7047" /> 

How could i change SQLServer parameter or SQLDatabaseName parameter for example?



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    freddy.dkfreddy.dk Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 360
    There is no Admin interface of the server.
    The server runs as a Windows Service - so you would stop and start it in Services.

    You can read more about the Service tier in the documentation and here:


    The SQL Server name and database name are defined in the CustomSettings.config.
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    kizinkizin Member Posts: 18
    Thanks a lot
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