Liquidity in NAV 2009

paddypowerpaddypower Member Posts: 98
edited 2008-12-15 in NAV Three Tier
Am I missing something but where is Liquidity in NAV 2009, have they dumped this useful tool already, it was only relased in V5.




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    JutJut Member Posts: 72
    In my German-Database the module is still in the normal place (of course only from the Classic Client):
    Financial Management - Liquidity.
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    StuAllenStuAllen Member Posts: 12
    Have you tried:

    Departments - Financial Management - Liquidity

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    paddypowerpaddypower Member Posts: 98
    Thanks guys for your help!!

    Liquidity was not on the Marketing BETA VPC, but it is present in the the full NAV 2009 installation.

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    OldguyOldguy Member Posts: 2
    Anyone have a manual for this? The demo data is completely blank. In fact, anyone seen any NAV 2009 user manuals?
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