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Based on shortcuts for RTC F8 has changed to CTRL+R

But it doesn't work on journals or sales order lines.

Is F8 feature being added or fixed?


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    Unfortunately F8 (or Ctrl+R) didn't make it in NAV 2009 - but there has been some confusion as to whether we could get it in.
    It is definitely something we are looking into adding as soon as possible - probably in a SP or like.
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    It would be a HUGE thing to have it, and to have it as a single key. F8 is probably one of the most used key in heavy data entry.

    Arrow down, F8, arrow down, F8, etc. is MUCH MUCH easier than arrow down, Ctrl+r, arrow down, Ctrl+R. It is much MUCH slower, and it is very prone to errors because when you do Ctrl+arrow down you move to another part of the form, or when you arrow down, forget to press Ctrl, you replace a field value with 'R'. Single key please [-o<

    The lack of attention to heavy data entry peoples' need for easy keyboard navigation is one of the things that I am very disappointed in with the RTC. I am concerned that heavy data entry is going to be too difficult. I know that users will find a way to use the system, and I might be a bit too pessimistic, so let's hope I'm wrong :mrgreen:
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    I am voting for F8 too... ;-)
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    Can't imagine not having F8, it is by far the most used short cut key for us.
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    F8 is already used for Create new or insert record in the new client.
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    So then what is F3 used for ?
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    To change the focus to the filter button that is ontop of the list.

    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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    Yep, it's going to be a serious adaptation for the Keyboard-lovers amongst us :|

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