Problem with Automatic Block Detection (SSI Version)

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I have a problem with the Automatic Block Detection tool, maybe someone encountered the same problems.

It is running fine for a while but all of the sudden it is not writing anymore the tables and idexed into the log-table.
There were no changes on the server during that time.
2521	23.10.2008 08:17	OBJECT: 5:1959599411:0 	GSS$Sales Line	
2526	23.10.2008 08:46	OBJECT: 5:1959599411:0 	GSS$Sales Line	
2527	23.10.2008 08:47	OBJECT: 5:1959599411:0

Any ideas?
Thanks for your help,


  • strykstryk Member Posts: 645
    Hi Martin!

    Yes, there is an issue with this process: Once the "translation" of the waitresource into table name etc. fails - for whatever reason - the whole thing could get stuck ... :bug:

    As some sort of firts aid you could run this TSQL:
    update ssi_BlockLog set [table_name] = 'unkown' where [table_name] = null
    Afterwards the parsing should work again ...

    Actually the code I published in my BLOG is pretty old - but compatible with SQL 2000. I will publish an improved version (SQL Server 2005 only) shortly, providing more features and "stability".

    Sorry about the inconvenience :-k

    Best regards,
    Jörg A. Stryk (MVP - Dynamics NAV)
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  • MartinFKMartinFK Member Posts: 43
    Hello Jörg,

    thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the renewed routines, meanwhile I am calling the update-code after an insert to make sure the stored procedure is behaving fine. Seems to work.

    kind regards,
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