RoleTailoredClient non Windows Authenticated Users

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In NAV2009 CTP3, I am having trouble finding where I can change my login details when using the Role Tailored Client to be database authentication.
In the Classic client, I can go to Database, Open and enter Database Authentication and enter a username/password.

Does the new style client insist on windows authentication?

We have lots of clients currently that use database authentication as one of our sites does not have a windows domain.



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    NAV 2009 only works with window Authentication.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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    You can however use RoleTailored client without a windows domain by using local users and the runas command with the netonly switch. This requires the database and NAV Server to be on the same box as the delegation between NAV Server and Database requires a Windows domain and Kerberos.

    More on runas here ... 90994.aspx

    Claus Busk Andersen
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    Hi Rashed,

    In the classic client, you can still choose database authentication and then enter any known 'sql' user at all.

    But for the new style client, it looks like you have to have a windows domain.

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