Archive sales documents with Amount field defined

TomasTomas Member Posts: 420
edited 2008-10-14 in NAV Tips & Tricks
This might be usefull for someone. In default NAV, you can archive sales orders (it gets archived, when/if "Order Confirmation" is printed).
However, to fully use this functionality, user should firstly release order before printing.

I have noticed, that if sales order is not released before printing order confirmation, then document will be archived with amount equal to 0. However, if sales order is released and only then archive - archive will have all information you had on your sales orders.


  • kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    It's because when you release the document the fields that make up the amount are calculated. The field is a flowfield in both tables... The worst thing is to get your hands on a customer's database that has based a lot of customization on these fields and ALWAYS calls release... ](*,)
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