why the Inv Posting Buffer Table is used?

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Hi Experts,

Why the Invoice posting Buffer Table is used. In CU-80 it is taken as Array variable with 2 Dimensions, but I am not getting Cleared why the reason to take two dimensions for Inserting the sales Records in Invoice posting Buffer.

Please clear me this Issue..

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  • krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,002
    The posting buffer is used to group records with the same detail info (G/L Account, dimensions, ...). This is then used to create G/L Entries per group of records in stead of 1 record per line.
    E.g. if your invoice has N lines with the same G/L Account (or items that point to the same G/L Account), dimensions,... it will only create 1 record in G/L Entry and not N.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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    What Kriki said exactly Correct... =D>

    I will give another example....

    For example,

    We have more than One sales lines. The Amount to customer of each line is different. But After Sales post , The Customer A/c has been debited with Total Amount in all sales lines with Amount to customerfield.
    Each time the inv. posting buffer is updated new value with old value. That is the reason he taken two Dimensions.. \:D/
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    Kriki and srinivas.chittem thnks for u reply..

    For EX::
    IF I have 4 Items , In that
    I hav same accounts For all the Items and Tax Group code is Same for first 2 Items and Like the same way another Tax Group Code is same for next 2 Items and the Vat Prod Posting Group
    is same for all the Items...
    In this Combination I am getting 2 Entries iin G/L Entres..
    Please Clear me this Doubt...

    Thanks & Regards
  • kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    It's for the same reason.

    Take a look at the Primary Key of the Invoice Post. Buffer table. Different Tax Group causes separate lines in G/L...
  • tejateja Member Posts: 78
    Hi kapamarou ,Thanks For u r reply..

    Thnqx..It is very helpful to me
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