Difference b/w Two tier and Three tier architecture

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Dear concern
Please tell me that whats the Difference b/w Two tier and Three tier architecture in navision?
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    2tier -> DB Server <-data-> Client
    3tier -> DB Server <-data-> Service tier <-results/inputs-> Client

    In 2 tier all needed data from DB are sent to the client which process them.
    In 3 tier, client sends "only" some request for data, service tier read data from DB server, process them and only the requested result is sent to the client.

    It means the Processing and Presentation is separated and it means that data processing can run on some fast HW (server) and client is "just" displaying the results and collect user inputs (and make all needed actions which are needed to display the data etc.).

    In 2 tier system all raw data from DB must be transfered to the Client which will process them and display them.

    This is the "basic" difference. Of course, take it as an example without details and things around...
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