Accessing Active Directory info via Automation

BGIBGI Member Posts: 176
edited 2012-03-31 in Navision Attain
Is there someone who has succesfully got some info from the active directroy via automation in Navision?

I'm looking for something that gets info from the active directory and changes that info on my employees and vice versa.

I want to keep phones/addresses etc in both places up to date without having to do the input on both places.

Any help or little suggestion on how to get this working will be appreciated.
Benny Giebens


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    magic32magic32 Member Posts: 3
    I am also interested in this functionality. Has anyone out there developed a solution for this?
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    ReinhardReinhard Member Posts: 249
    I am also interested in this!
    Specifically the user's "site"

    I tried using 'Windows Script Host Object Model'.WshNetwork and it works... except if I query the Site it returns an unspecified error :(
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