Navision 3.7 on Citrix Metaframe XP

rizmonrizmon Member Posts: 2
Your Kind help is Anticipated.
Recently we purchased navision v.3.7 ERP with 75 licenses to run on windows 2003 Server. We are having compaq DL-580 clustered server for Navision and with 6GB Memory. we have 15 remote sites connected via Frame relay to the head office with Citrix metaframe XP with two seperate servers(for Load balancing) on windows terminal services. But we face a problem while setting up the citrix clients for navision. Only 3 sessions can be opened in Citrix for navison. more than this the clients are freezing. But other application which are published in the citrix server runs fine. Citrix local support or the navision dealer are in a state of dilemma. Can some one help. Thank you.



  • leegeorgeleegeorge Member Posts: 3
    Are all of the remote sites within the same time zone - ???

    There is a known problem with the 3.70 client pre Hotfix 12 -which version of the client are you running...

    You may get around this by adding the paramaters to the path of the finsql.exe (ie servername=####database=####) etc
  • falkfalk Member Posts: 6
    We had a similar problem. In our case the help index (fin.hmt) got locked after the second citrix session. NF370a client didn't show this problem.

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