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HI ,
the situation is NAV 5.0 ,SQL 2000 (sp4), all mdf,ndf,ldf files' size is total 2G,Runing ACIE would take 20Hours or more ,even down .
but when I restore the same backup file to NATIVE database ,it just would take 18 Min. to runing ACIE for same data.
As I know ,the special option is That:Warehouse -> Setup->Inventory Setup->Average Cost Period (Set 'Month')

Could someone give me some advice about it?

I also have finished testing like :I Set the property 'MaintainSIFTIndex' to 'No' the all keys in Value Entry table ,Run
ACIE ,nothing changed, It spent a lot of time either,: )


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    It seems like not optimized SQL server and NAV SQL DB... ;-) Defragmented indexes, old statistics, SIFT tables full of zero records, non-optimal indexes...
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    do you have maintenance jobs on sql for the database :?:
    How looks the defrag. of your database. How many indexes are on the value enty and how "deep" are the SIFT buckets :?:
    Also: How looks your hardware (local RAID?, SAN?) Don't forgett, NAV on sql will be stroked :mrgreen:

    If you search the forum, there are many topics about SQL performance and ACIE.

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    I have put the SQL Backup files into the other 2003 SERVER COMPUTER,and the result is the same ,and the key of Value entry is just following the standard 5.0 ,and I have not update the OBJECT table 5802,and about the defrag, I wanna try it now,

    Thank you for you guys to response!
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