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I am trying to install and cofigure mobile sales application however It can not replicate with my own db. I get this error while replicating the database,

ISS error 404 HTTP_STATUS_NOT_FOUND: The server has not found anything matching the requested URI

Do you have any idea?

Thanks All,


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  • kish2007kish2007 Member Posts: 64
    Hi All,
    How to get the CAB file for Mobile Devices???

  • gedasgedas Member Posts: 87

    >>kish2007<< there no CAB files. You can try to compile your own cab file using visual studio.

    >>amuca<< error 404 seems like address error. Can you run replication address from IE on device? What do you see? I guess address is incorrect in app.config file on device.
  • kish2007kish2007 Member Posts: 64
    Hi Gedas,
    Thanks for your reply.My doubt is how can i install mobile sales application in Mobiles?

    For installing application on mobiles we need CAB files. exe files will not be supported.

    how can i install the application in mobile?

    Thanks & Regards,
  • gedasgedas Member Posts: 87

    You can use Visual Studio to implement application to device. However I've never tried that, just know this way exists.

    Usually i just copy/paste application folder (Application QVGA or Application VGA) from Mobile Sales installation on server to device and start RolePad.exe on device from explorer.
    For demo shows i copying also databases from working device, then i have fully working demo device (except synchronization).
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