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I know that for the exam MB7-226 Installation and Configuration Navision 4.0 there is a question like this:

In the Navigation Pane Options, a check mark next to which option means that, when you move between windows in the program, the corresponding menu item will be selected
A. show group lines
B.track active windows
C.single-click groups
D.swap open and new actions.

I have installed both NAV 4.0 and NAV 5.0 and tried to examine the Navigation Pane/MenuSuite Designer but I don't find any of these options and checkmark.
Are they of old versions or where can I find these things?

Thank you



  • krzychub83krzychub83 Member Posts: 120
    B.track active windows

    Do not search for this in the Navigation Pane/MenuSuite Designer...

    Just Right-Click at Header of current selected section of Navigation Pane (for example Purchase) and choose:
    Navigation Pane Options...
  • andy76andy76 Member Posts: 616
    Ok, now I understand, it was so simple! :)

    Thank you very much
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