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Hi again,
Is there any way to see a graphical toolbox containing controls from Microsoft.Dynamics.Mobile.Framework.Controls like e.g. TextBox, Label, etc.?

In that moment I add them programatically as I can not see them in a toolbox.



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    yes, if the installation did not install the controls in your toolbox, you can add them manually.

    In the toolbox, right click and add a new Tab. Then from this tab, right click and select "choose items". Finally browse for the dll : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics Mobile\Mobile Framework\Bin\Microsoft.Dynamics.Mobile.Framework.Controls.dll.

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    Hi Igor,

    Before I managed to post my prepared answer I found Laurent was a bit faster (many greetings :). My post says basically the same only in a little bit more step-by-step way ;)

    Once you install Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Development Tools (Mobile Development Tools - Framework Components) and start Visual Studio 2005 you must be able to see Dynamics Mobile Controls group within your Toolbox (at the time you have tasklet view form opened in the VS designer). However if you are using Mobile Development Tools v1.1 together with VS 2008 or if there was a problem with VS 2005 you would have to add the controls manually.

    Please follow these steps:
    - Create new Smart Device Project by using Tasklet template
    - Open the TaskletView form in the VS Designer
    - Right-click on the bottom of your Toolbox
    - Add tab
    - Give name to the tab
    - Right-click on the newly created tab area and select Choose items...
    - Wait for Choose Toolbox Items dialog
    - Clicking Browse... button will display Open dialog
    - Locate the Microsoft.Dynamics.Mobile.Framework.Controls.dll library (typically under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics Mobile\Mobile Framework\Bin) and click the Open button
    - Click the OK button
    - Now you should be able to see all Dynamics Mobile Controls within your toolbox and you can drag-and-drop them on your TaskletView form.

    Hope this helps,
    Jan Zeman
    Microsoft Dynamics Mobile
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    Hi Laurent,
    Great thanks.


    BTW, maybe it would be a good idea to add a new forum within mibuso related to dynamics mobile? It is rather a query to Luc :-),
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    Hi Jan,
    Thank you very much for your response. I read and replied Laurent before your message was visible :-).

    Cheers guys,
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