How to get server and database name from C/SIDE

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Hi, what is a best way to get server address and database name of current connection from C/SIDE (database on SQL)?

I found that way:
//svr Record Server
//db Record Database

WHILE NOT srv."My Server" DO

WHILE NOT dbs."My Database" DO

Message(srv."Server Name");
Message(dbs."Database Name");

The problem is, that this method spend several second.
Anyone know better way to do this?


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    Try using the search ...

    Or CONTEXTURL system variable.
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    These are examples to get the database name / Servername
    RecDB.SETRANGE("My Database",TRUE);
    DBName := RecDB."Database Name";
    RecServer.SETRANGE("My Server",TRUE);
    ServName := RecServer."Server Name";

    MyContext := CONTEXTURL; 
    message('Servername = %1\'+
            'Database = %2',(copystr(MyContext,StrPos(MyContext,'servername') + 11,
                            StrPos(MyContext,'&data') - StrPos(MyContext,'servername')-11)),
                            (copystr(MyContext,StrPos(MyContext,'&data') + 10,
                             StrPos(MyContext,'&company') - StrPos(MyContext,'&data')-10)));
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    Thank you very much :) - CONTEXTURL is excellent for my need.
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