Questions for Financial Nav Exam MB7-225

sniffertjesniffertje Member Posts: 2
Does someone have exam questions for the NAV exam, MB7-225.

I'm searching for testing exams and lates questions and answers.

I already searched on the forum, but find nothing.


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    kapil4dynamicskapil4dynamics Member Posts: 591
    Actually all of the questions and answers can be found at one place i.e.

    Financial Pdfs :)
    Kapil Khanna
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    DeepDeep Member Posts: 569
    Getting the exam cracked just by eating braindumps and exam questions is surely not gonna help you if you really wanna learn and be a specialist in fact.
    The key is to study the training manuals and practice.

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    Mike1Mike1 Member Posts: 78
    Hi Sniffertje,

    I have got the financials certification.......

    You wanna buy it???

    Come on, you have to put some effort in........ :^o
    Man who put head on railroad track get splitting headache...
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