simple problem (Tesxt Fields)

linuxuserlinuxuser Member Posts: 2
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I am an absolutely noob with navision :-)
My Problem is:
I have made 5 tfield`s with the "Designer-Tool" in a tab.
I would like to count the values of the first 4 an display it in the 5 field...

[20] <-- the result...

thx for your help...
greetz Andre


  • kailoukailou Member Posts: 14
    This is better done with table level trigger - onvalidate.
    assuming the fields are
    F1,F2,F3,F4 and F5.
    you will write the following instruction in the onvalidate trigger of each field(F1,F2,F3,F4):
    F5 := F1+F2+F3+F4
    and you will normally make F5 uneditable(Editable property=No)
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