Date Compression

mbriccombricco Member Posts: 7
edited 2004-05-06 in Navision DOS
In attempting to do a G/L date compression, I recieved the following error message: 'You do not have permission to run the analysis view table'. I know that, we did not purchase analysis views. I attempted to delete the reference to analysis views in Report 98, but don't have permission to write to the G/L table. I did not know only NSC's can do date compression. Why is that? Is there a work around for this?


  • lakshmivallurulakshmivalluru Member Posts: 168
    I am surprised to hear this!!!! How come an NSC doesnt suggest u to have Analysis View granule??? there are two things to think of either it is license issue or microsoft issue.The microsoft or NSC should make it compulsary to buy analysis view granule or Microsoft should exclude this analysis view part of it when compressing the g/l entries.
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